The Kassirer's , Cape Porpoise

"We're a big fan of Auld Building Company and have worked with Mark and his team for 12 years now. There are many good builders in our area, but what makes Mark different is how thoughtful he is at every step of the way.
Unlike some other builders we've worked with, Mark really took the time to get to know us--and what was important to us. One time when were going to be doing some major construction work, Mark took it upon himself to walk to all the neighbors and let them know the project would create a lot of dust. He even gave them free car wash gift certificates. That was priceless.
We live in Massachusetts but use our home in Cape Porpoise as a weekend and vacation getaway. Because we're not here year-round, Mark oversees the entire home's care and maintenance. He's done a variety of remodeling projects, including a major additon to add a garage and guest suite.
When we asked Mark to add a 10' x 12' deck, he knew it was going to be too small to suit our family gatherings. Instead of building what I asked, he staked out the size I had given him and then put our patio furniture on it. By taking that extra step, he saved us some major grief--because our original plan was indeed too small!
When Mark makes a promise, he keeps it--no matter what. That's such a rare quality to find in a builder. And he takes the time to educate us on the best plan to care for our home and avoid trouble and unnecessary cost down the road."
--Dr. Jerry and Sherri Kassirer
Mark gave each of our neighbors free car washes...